Fresh Colombian Coffee

Our coffee beans are grown in the Cafetales de Colombia, where the world renowned Colombian Arabica coffee is grown. Serafin Coffee comes certified with the E.U.'s Protected Designation of Origin, meaning the coffee is 100% Colombian. The hunt for the perfect coffee bean lead us through 120 different coffee species to give you the best coffee, producing acid free coffee with no aftertaste, wateriness, and burnt taste.

Quality Growing Process

The mountains and higher altitude environments of Colombia gives Serafin coffee a richer and chocolate-esque flavor. Our coffee is handpicked to ensure only the best coffee beans for you. Our personal reserves provides the best taste with the best preparation and care.


You haven't seen anything 

like this before!


The Serafin Cafe Gallery is the first dimensional cafe to offer an amazing experience with a modern and relaxing environment to enjoy beautiful dimensional art from the official artist of Miami, Serafin Debesa, while enjoying the best coffee in the world. The best of both worlds is offered here at Serafin Cafe Gallery.


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